TSI has successfully served as a catalyst to prestigious private universities, 财政困难州的新兴公立大学, 社区学院, 以及营利性大学在许多不同领域的转型.


转换解决方案’ expert higher education consulting team understands the changing marketplace of higher education and the continuous need to think innovatively about how to serve diverse campus communities. 25年来,TSI已经帮助了数百人 澳博app下载 create an improved “operating environment” to serve their clients/成员s and other constituents more efficiently and with a greater degree of personalization and quality. 最终, 通过我们的工作, we strive to create capabilities that result in a better “experience” for the customer, 成员, 学生, 员工, 和/或供应商.


TSI aims to address our client’s transformation challenges that often include the following:


我们是否在评估学生, 教师, 工作人员, 校友, 或社区的经验, our higher education consultants will evaluate the processes and organizational 结构 to enable transformation.


TSI will evaluate cost saving measures in the areas of technology and finance for your unit or institution, 发现隐藏的费用来提高你未来的预算, and then select and implement the best financial and technical solutions to help your institution achieve its strategic plan.


Our higher education consultants will assess the current state of your unit’s processes to identify pain points and 改进的机会 for an ideal future state. We will discover inefficiencies and ways to improve processes going forward.

Our higher education consultants are both progressive and pragmatic in their approaches and strive to assess the important areas where our clients have 改进的机会, 提出基于事实的建议, 并帮助我们的澳博app下载实现预期的改变.









作为新任CEO, the selection of an ERP system was very important to lay the foundation for future growth.
让TSI帮助我们评估, 选择并与所选的ERP供应商进行谈判是一个伟大的决定. Their expertise and methodology allowed the team to feel confident that we were making the right selection and they were instrumental in getting buy—in from the stakeholders.


We had TSI on several different phases: to quickly review our business and initial IT strategy, to streamline our processes and to evaluate and select new enterprise software. 每次他们都在/低于预算的时间线和成本. 他们是专业的, 勤劳的, completely objective and helped us in ways that I did not originally anticipate. 我强烈推荐他们.

J. 布罗斯基
J. 布罗斯基
Chairman of the Audit Committee and non-executive Chairman of the Board – High Growth 电信 Company

TSI与我们合作完成了一项战略技术评估, which included the difficult task of coordinating and articulating our vision and strategy for new technology. The project was a great success: they ensured that everyone participated in the process, 所有的声音都被听到了, and that deliverables were on-time and distributed to all participants for thoughtful feedback. 在日常的基础上, TSI’s strategic planning consultants were enthusiastic and dedicated to our work, 总是证明我们的成功就是他们的成功. They have acted as key advisors to me and as coaches for the entire project team. We so enjoyed working with the TSI team and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Senior Director, Analytics and Business Intelligence – The University of Chicago

TSI以深思熟虑和高效的方式履行他们的承诺. 他们在芝加哥的咨询工作非常出色! Excellent project management, communication and a real focus on successful outcomes.

J. 歌手
J. 歌手
首席财务官- Sagent制药

将解决方案公司. proved to be very adept in creating strategic and practical approaches to our complex improvement project. 作为一家高等教育咨询公司, 他们高效地收集数据, 在我们的教员和工作人员中建立信任. Dan and Alan did this by spending a considerable amount of time on our campuses working directly with groups of our 工作人员 and 教师. 最终, TSI向我们展示了一份详细的沟通过程图, 确定提高生产效率的关键领域, and worked with us to tailor their final recommendations to our specific needs. 澳博app下载做了这项工作,而且做得很好.


常见问题关于 高等教育谘询服务


我们的高等教育顾问与各院校合作, 单位, 和项目团队来促进变革. 高等教育不断面临新的挑战, and it’s a higher education consultant’s role to positively disrupt your work and inspire innovative and strategic thinking.


我们知道预算很紧张. We will work with you to create a customized budget that meets your financial circumstances.


是的! We understand that circumstances don’t always allow us to conduct our work on-site and in person. TSI的方法对于远程方便是灵活的.



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